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DE MARKET VENDOR: Crime and violence no joke anymore

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

DE MARKET VENDOR: Crime and violence no joke anymore

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Many years ago the late David Thompson ran a election campaign around crime and he get pooh-poohed and beat bad in de elections.
Years later I still hear Tom Cross voice in de ad mekking sport wid “crime and punishment”, but today in de Caribbean crime is no joke and despite de talk, not a politician able to wrestle it to de ground. De criminals getting bolder; lawlessness all over de place.
In Bubbadus we got the maxi taxi (aka ZR) culture of lawlessness pun de roads and now a new one emerging: motorcyclists riding pun one wheel pun de highway. It even pun YouTube wid a set of lawless vagabonds riding from Warren’s to the airport pun one wheel. Not a policeman see dat?
But iffing de Vendor slide past 80 kilometres, I gine hear sirens and next thing I before magistrate Birch begging fuh mercy. New trend too: motorcyclists, decked in all de gear, riding at night without lights, speeding, cutting in and out in traffic, not stopping at traffic lights; no licence plates, no insurance either, right? Why we can’t solve this new menace? They got to buy gasoline, they must live somewhere. We can’t get help identifying them? Where dem getting de money from fuh de bikes and gear? Drugs?
In Jamaica de murder rate spiralling; in little St Kitts crime outta control; in St Lucia de human rights people want to investigate killings by de police. Strange how dem don’t want to investigate de killings by de criminals. We got it backwards!
In Trinidad and Tobago, dem bring in two big maguffies from Canada and after two years of controversy, state of emergency, curfew and all sorts of programmes, de murder rate still outta control, and Jack Warner talkin’, but crime still rampant. And now Dwayne Gibbs and Jack Ewatski, de commissioner and deputy pelt in de towel.
In Bubbadus, a man who was in crime from a yout’, went to America and get involved in crime there and spend time in jail, eventually became a “deportee”, went into de home of some prominent citizens in August last year and killed an old man and his son-in-law in front of de family members. He plead not guilty to murder but guilty of manslaughter. We are told that de criminal was “remorseful”.
To recap: he and an accomplice went into de home armed with a gun, wore ski masks, demanded jewellery and money and when the older man put up resistance with a guava stick, he shoot he three times! De criminal had other convictions for crime with a gun and committed another with a gun just eight days before. At school he vandalized property. In the United States he was in jail by 17. He get two life sentences to run concurrently! Why not consecutively? He is only 37 years. So he could be back on de streets in just over 20 years killing again?   
De Caribbean need a new approach. We need to look at countries where success has been achieved wid crime. Look at Singapore. Them know how to solve crime. We need to use technology more and look for completely new approaches before we all get wipe out.
I, Market Vendor, gone fuh now. You have a blessed and a wonderful day, yuh hear?