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Team effort on healthy lifestyle

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Team effort on healthy lifestyle

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THE HEART AND STROKE FOUNDATION of Barbados and GreenTech Barbados are teaming up to provide Barbadians with information on using organic crops in pursuit of a healthy lifestyle.
Members of the foundation will be provided with information on where to purchase organic produce from certified farmers and some of the products that these farmers manufacture.
Gina Pitts, chief executive officer of the foundation, said GreenTech Barbados would utilize Short Message Service (SMS) technology to get its messages to members and supporters of the Jemmott’s Lane-headquartered charity.
“We used SMS to promote our Red Dress fundraising event at the Concorde Experience earlier this year and are looking to see how other communication technologies may be adopted to educate Barbadians on healthy living,” Pitts added.
GreenTech Barbados project manager Hallam Hope said one aim of the pilot project is to promote and inform Barbadians about organic farming and the work of the Organic Growers and Consumers Association (OGCA).
“SMS technology may be used effectively by institutions, businesses and government to provide information directly to their customers via their cell- or smartphones,” he said.
“Most Barbadians have a cellphone and many a smart phone such as a BlackBerry, hence communicating directly to them via these devices is both very effective and cost-efficient for institutions such as the Heart and Stroke Foundation or businesses,” Hope, a communication technology consultant, added.
The Heart and Stroke Foundation aims to educate Barbadians about preventing and aid them in recovering from heart attacks and strokes.
It offers services such as a gym staffed by experienced nurses, and for customers, the services of a medical doctor and nutritionist.
GreenTech Barbados is a pilot project being executed by Hope Communications Inc. and funded by the National Council for Science and Technology (NCST).
The project is working closely with the Organic Growers and Consumers Association. To date it has set up their Facebook page, which Barbadians may visit to get information on organic farming, and is also completing a consumer survey to assist this body with planning. (HH)