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What’s Trending: Campus Trendz verdict

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What’s Trending: Campus Trendz verdict

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The Nation’s Online Editor Carol Martindale looks at What’s Trending in Barbados today.
News today that the Campus Trendz killer Renaldo Anderson Alleyne, 22, will spend the rest of his life behind bars for all six of the girls killed when he firebombed the Tudor Street boutique almost two years ago, has met with an outpouring of comments from our readers.
The six concurrent life sentences were handed down yesterday by Justice Elneth Kentish in a comprehensive hour-long determination in the No. 2 Supreme Court.
Some readers are commenting on the verdict, while reflecting on the lives lost in this tragic incident.
This is what some of our readers are saying:
Peter Bentham: “The humane side of me wants to ask ‘Where did he go wrong to lead him to do that’, the other side of me says, ‘Justice has been served in as much as external pressures would allow it to be. Unfortunately, if he was sentenced to be executed, the external pressure which would be brought to bear on us, would be detrimental to the entire country. In any case execution would have been too easy on him, I like the sentence. He has to wake up every morning remembering why he is there, additionally, the other prisoners will not allow him to forget it. Even among prisoners there is a limit to the crime which will allow you a semi-comfortable life in prison. In summary, I am sorry that his life went in that direction but as it is, “May he rot there in peace or pieces, whichever fate chooses for him”.
Prynce Tristan Williams: “Justice well served but it’s so sad to see how he could be a free man having a life, his buddies, having a family, now to know he would never see the light of day again. Now that’s a punishment I don’t think anyone who has thoughts about committing any similar acts should ever want to face and now here he is showing a perfect example of how really senseless young individuals really hurt the whole fabric of society.”
Recko Lynch: “He had over a year to think. I honestly believe if you could pull off what he did you have no soul and no mind, therefore I doubt he is thinking about anything other than the fact that by some miracle he is still alive through it all.”
Wonder Harding: “This sentence may not be enough for the pain we felt and continue to feel for our love ones but will accept it because it’s the maximum in our country. I pray God would comfort us all.”
Lady Jay: “He took my cousin and five other young ladies away from their families. The pain is still with us every day. One little girl is without a mother today because of what they did …. this can’t bring them back but make him an example just in case someone else came up with idea to do something like this again…”
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