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Achieving higher heights

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Achieving higher heights

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TODAY MARKS THE START of a full weekend of conversation for the Democratic Labour Party (DLP). Our party’s conference runs from this evening until Sunday 19. Our conference theme is Team DLP Achieving Higher Heights.    
The only position not being contested is that of president. This year, as in the past, we will witness close to one hundred persons vying for party office. The Democratic Labour Party is reporting our president, Prime Minister Freundel Stuart, has been returned unopposed to continue the work of the people of Barbados. We continue to be united behind one leader as we ensure this country is protected from the crassness of the Opposition Barbados Labour Party (BLP).   
The desire to contribute to the development of a better Barbados is given expression to by so many members continuing to offer themselves for party office.  
Our conference chairman is His Honour the Speaker Michael Carrington, Member of Parliament for the constituency of St Michael West. Comrade Carrington continues to be a source of inspiration not only for the rank and file but for the constituents of St Michael West who continue to support him.
Our theme Team DLP Achieving Higher Heights comes against the background of our pending election poll. It speaks directly to our party’s contribution to the fabric and the uplifting of our society. One would agree that since coming to office we have been faced with a very volatile economic environment.
This period of turbulence has focused the resolve  of the party and by extension the Government. In this respect, we have witnessed the stabilization of our economic programme through the reduction of our fiscal deficit, parity of our dollar and maintenance of our public servants’ employment.  
The highlight of the weekend will be the feature address by the president and party leader Freundel Stuart on Sunday 19 at 11 a.m. This session is open to the public to come and share in our fellowship. There will be two feature presentations and discussions on the work of the Constituency Councils by Steve Blackett, Minister of Constituency Empowerment and Member of Parliament for St Michael Central. The other presentation will be on the green economy by Darcy Boyce, Minister of State in the Prime Minister’s Office on the Green Economy.
These two areas represent pillars in our policy agenda. On one side of the spectrum, we continue to bring Government closer to people through the councils. The idea of the councils has come under stinging attack by members of the Opposition, who have threatened to abolish them. These councils continue to deepen democracy and widen participation, features absent under the intolerance of the BLP’s regime.
The need to reduce dependence on fuel forms part of the strategy to assist in reducing our cost of living. We remain committed to this idea and will have a full discussion and ways of encouraging Barbadians to take full advantage.
We continue to place people at the centre of our development agenda as we move this country and our people to higher heights. The testimony of this period will reveal that the Dems are better for Barbados.
• Douglas Leopold Phillips is a pseudonym for the Democratic Labour Party.