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Randy Bennett

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AT?LEAST?ONE?SPORTS ADMINISTRATOR believes Barbadian coaches have what it takes to prepare this island’s athletes for the 2016 Olympics.
And once systems are set up to assist them, Barbados’ athletes could be among those receiving medals in the next four years.
That is the view of chairman of the National Sports Council (NSC) and Olympian, Seibert Straughn, who said implementing a long-term developmental plan for athletes was crucial as they looked to the future.
Straughn maintained that the quality of coaching here was high enough that Barbados should be able to produce world class athletes once the required resources were made available.
“The coaches here in Barbados are highly trained, and I see no reason why we can’t produce athletes of the highest standard.
As Barbadians, we have to believe in our ability to get the job done and we haveto learn to trust each other more,” he told WEEKENDSPORT in an interview yesterday.