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Cuz Fish Stand hits Newsweek

Tony Best

Cuz Fish Stand hits Newsweek

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If you haven’t eaten at Barbados’ Cuz Fish Stand you are probably missing out on a world rated dining experience.
That’s according to Newsweek magazine which listed the “fish shack” just outside of Bridgetown as one of the 101 “best places” in which to eat around the world.
Cuz Fish Stand, located off Highway 7, near Needham’s Point, specializes in a Blue Marlin Sandwich, and it earned a spot on the list compiled by 53 “luminary chefs” from different parts of the globe and published in Newsweek’s current edition.
Marcus Samuelsson, chef of Harlem’s famous Red Rooster in New York, selected “Cuz”, describing it as a “fish shack with a line out the door. From a cook’s point of view, everything is wrong with their sandwiches, like the cheese on them, but they’re so delicious”.
Actually, Barbados and the Cayman Islands were the only two places in the English-speaking Caribbean that made the cut.
Vivine’s Kitchen in Grand Cayman, whose speciality is conch stew, was chosen by Graham Elliot, a top chef in Chicago who called it a diner that “seemed like a garage connected to Vivine Walter’s house, with our table located a few feet from a pigeon coop”. Vivine’s Kitchen, he said, gave the owner an opportunity to “personally” take the order and then go into the kitchen and “cook up some amazing Caribbean cuisine”.
The global survey, according to Newsweek, deserved a “global panel of judges” to compile what the magazine called “the finest, oddest, most memorable dining hotspots from Australia to Monaco” and countries in between.
Bon appétit!