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FLYING FISH & COU COU: Ready for showdown

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

FLYING FISH & COU COU: Ready for showdown

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It now appears that the battle lines are truly drawn and the combatants are gearing up to fight to the finish.
Proof of this was the non-appearance of very important people at a recent event which attracted hundreds.
Their absence was conspicuous, given the fact that they usually attend this annual affair in their numbers, though they and the host of the event are on opposing teams.
In fact, only one of their number was present and he made his presence felt, hamming it up with the host. We wonder if he did this because he won’t be around this weekend when his boss is expected to lay out the game plan against his opponents.
As for his colleagues, it seems they all heeded the call from their boss not to fraternize with the “enemy”. You may recall he was particularly incensed when his teammates attended another big event last year organized by the same host.
Given the situation, it seems this boss’ promise to give no quarter and ask for none is truly etched in stone. And this should make for a confrontational and controversial silly season.
On a mission
We know that “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”. But what do you say of a politico who believes he has been treated badly by his party?
Whatever it is, those in the know are talking about a certain politico who has allegedly vowed to leave no stone unturned to ensure his one-time bosom buddies are removed from the august chamber.
From what Cou Cou has been told, this man has been campaigning up hills and down streets in particular constituencies, letting voters know what he feels about his former colleagues and how they’re performing.
It seems this one is not going to be easy to put to bed.
Trouble brewing
Another male-female confrontation is brewing in a rural constituency and it is expected to come to a head next month.
Those close to the situation say that the man has to take full responsibility for the problem because his indecision at first and now his sudden interest are at the core of the problem.
From what Cou Cou learnt, it all started when the man got a political beating some time ago. He could not handle the blows and walked away, swearing never to return.
The woman rushed in to fill the void and has been working hard to get people to support her.
All the while, supporters of the man were telling him to return as he wasn’t the first man to get beaten in this game and wouldn’t be the last. But the man refused.
However, as the situation has become more favourable to him for a variety of reasons, the man has now signalled his interest in returning and has started going around talking to the same people who put some blows in him.
The man’s people too have been telling the woman she should quietly give way to him. But the woman is determined to stand her ground and knock over wood and wall to achieve her goal.