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PUDDING & SOUSE: Wife horned by a man

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

PUDDING & SOUSE: Wife horned by a man

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A well-known hotel worker has shocked his family and friends by leaving his wife for a man he recently met.
This award-winning worker has reportedly moved into an apartment in the southern part of the country and in close proximity to his new lover. People say he is often spotted sneaking in and out with him in the wee hours of the morning.
Word on the ground is that he met this man at one of Barbados’ leading supermarkets and fell madly in love with him.
As news spread of his infidelity to his wife, he took an emergency vacation from work and is said to be on the down-low.
His colleagues are, however, waiting anxiously for his return to work to see what he will name any new cocktail he may come up with.
Meanwhile, friends are saying it was only a matter of time before he clearly showed where his heart was as he liked to entertain many young boys over a bottle of red wine, while his wife was busy at work.
His party buddies are also holding their heads in shame, saying they never realized their friend preferred to be served rather than serve.
They are saying that they now realize why this hotel worker, who is also a health and fitness enthusiast, enjoys ordering a tossed salad on a daily basis.
No shame at all
It seems a certain woman who recently exposed a good deal of her body in a costume which was three sizes too small is feeling no shame at all about the public criticism she faced when her photograph went viral.
She was on Facebook defending what was called her “wuk of shame”, saying that she had nothing to be embarrassed about because she “looked damn good”.
She even felt good about her large bosom, which drew attention for the wrong reasons, saying it was not “pop down or sagging”.
This woman needs a huge reality check, especially given the fact that it is customary for her to interact with the public because of her job.
The fashion police will certainly be waiting next year to give her a huge fine if she wears another skimpy costume.
Why does a particular man seem obsessed by the business of a Jamaican woman who recently opened an exotic massage parlour?
He has been writing letters to everyone, complaining that this non-national was operating an illegal business and he even posted a lot of  information about her on the Internet.
He went as far as to send information about her to the Immigration Department, begging it to have her picked up and deported.
People are wondering if this man, who likes to seduce young women to work in his own exotic massage parlour, is upset because the Jamaican woman is giving him some stiff competition – or if she was one of the many women whom he brought to Barbados and who has run off and left him high and dry.
Whatever the reason for the attack, he is certainly hopping mad and is obviously doing everything in his power to pull her down.