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‘Social work degree only’

Maria Bradshaw

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THE?Barbados Association of Professional Social Workers (BAPSW)?is opposed to people without a degree in social work being recognized as professionals.
Responding to a situation in which the National Union of Public Workers (NUPW) has been lobbying Government to recognize six employees attached to the Child Care Board, who have degrees but not in social work, the BAPSW said they could not be designated as social workers.
“It is with great concern that the BAPSW views any decision to consider individuals holding a degree in sociology with social work or psychology with social work as competent enough to function adequately in many of our social services agencies such as the Probation Department, Child Care Board, Welfare Department, or Community Development,” the association noted in a letter to the SUNDAY?SUN.
“Let it be clearly understood that a degree in social work has been designed to train individuals to become professional social workers with a history of development that evolved to meet the needs of individuals, groups and communities.”