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Broomes disses BSTU

CAROL MARTINDALE, [email protected]

Broomes disses BSTU

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Alexandra School principal Jeff Broomes today admitted that he doesn’t bother himself to read letters which the Barbados Secondary Teachers Union (BSTU) sends him. He suggested today, the first day of his testimony at the Commission of Inquiry into the management at the St Peter school that it was his way of dealing with the union’s “consistent tirades”. “There are very few things the BSTU send me that I ever read,” Broomes said as he took the stand in the morning, in response to a question from lawyer for the Commission Milton Pierce about a 2003 letter which the BSTU wrote to him regarding teacher Phil Perry being overlooked for the temporary assignment of acting head of the english department. “You do not think the BSTU is a serious organisation that you should pay attention to what they write you?” Pierce asked. “There are very few things they write me that I ever read,” repeated Broomes. “That is a sad admission,” the attorney observed, to which Broomes replied: “Quite possibly so, but it’s the truth.” (DP)
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