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Church told of God’s care

Cheryl Harewood

Church told of God’s care

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IF THERE IS ANYTHING you care deeply about, God cares about it also. He cares about what you care about even when it looks otherwise and He cares enough to do something about it.
This simple but profound message was relayed to scores of people gathered at the Mount of Praise Wesleyan Holiness Church last Thursday night during day five of a six-day annual crusade by Healing For The Soul Ministries, headed by Barbadian-born minister Judy Linton out of New York.
It was a night when worship and praise took centre stage, and special ministry in song by Karlos Cobham, the Mount of Praise worship team and the First Baptist Church Choir set the sanctuary ablaze.
On night five, Reverend Oral Walcott preached on the heels of a powerful message, When God Chooses You, delivered the previous night by minister Linton.
    In his brief message, Walcott spoke about a God who is touched by the feelings of our infirmities, understands all we go through, and wept (John 11:35) when he saw his friends Mary and Martha weeping at the death of their brother Lazarus.
    “I want to remind you this evening,” Walcott said, “that whatever touches you, touches God, and whatever concerns you, concerns God. He is able to feel what we go through.
The Nazarene preacher declared that Jesus’ delay in getting to Lazarus to the point where Lazarus’ condition moved from sickness to death was necessary in order to bring glory to God.
“What we may call a delay is often God setting us up for a miracle. What we may call death or hopelessness is often God setting us up to do the seemingly impossible,” he said.
“When God fails to do what we expect Him to, He is simply getting ready to do the unexpected in our lives.”
Walcott further reasoned that as Jesus prepared to raise Lazarus from the grave and called on those nearby to remove the stone, so too we, as Christians, must remove the stench from our lives [those dead issues we often cover up].
He said that by exposing them to God and allowing God to speak into our lives, He is able to bring forth life [a sweet smell], as was the case of Lazarus.
The Barbadian-born, New York-based preacher then urged his listeners to bring their cares to the altar and allow the God who cares to take care of them.
The crusade concluded on Friday night, following special ministry by the youth led by Minister Derek Burley, another team member of Healing For The Soul Ministries.
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