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Clinic keeps clients in the dark

shadiasimpson, [email protected]

Clinic keeps clients in the dark

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Dear Christine,
I would be very happy if you would print my letter for me, as I am aware that you help a lot of people who read your column daily.
I’m writing in reference to a clinic that is operating here in Barbados.
When clients who visit ask the staff at this clinic who is the doctor or where the doctor was trained, they would reply that the manager (who is not resident in Barbados) has told the staff not to call the doctor’s name.
Staff members are not allowed to tell clients who sign up for one of their programmes the names of the medications they are receiving either by injection or taking orally.
One day, one of the young women who work at the clinic opened the drawer and showed me all the medications; the majority of the labels were peeled off.
I want to warn the Barbados public about these people. They appear to be running a scam. Their programmes do not work and no refunds are given to dissatisfied people.
The doctor never speaks to the clients. They take money from people for certain procedures but never perform the services because the doctor is not the kind of surgeon he is
advertised to be.
I am aware of all of this because I was a victim. I am therefore putting pen to paper and hope that you make the public aware of these people.
– CJ
 Dear CJ,
If what you have written is correct then the relevant authorities need to look into the operations of this business.
It is my hope therefore that they see your letter and investigate.
You also have the choice of writing the Barbados Medical Council and asking them to investigate this clinic.