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Jeff Broomes takes the stand

Dawne Parris

Jeff Broomes takes the stand

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After a month of hearing testimony from teachers and present and current board members, Alexandra School principal Jeff Broomes is now having his say on the stand at the Commission of Inquiry.
He was sworn in at 10:52 am after the evidence of Head of the Arts, Music and Drama Department was postponed.
Broomes has so far disclosed that he went to the school with a mandate to address and reverse the declining performance of the school, and he felt it was a “signal privilege and calling to lead Alexandra” at the time he was appointed in 2002.
He has told the Commission that he believes the school has performed well academically, with the exception of 2007, and students are “doing what they should be doing”.
As for the teachers, he said: “There are some exceptionally committed and very good teachers at Alexandra School and I am not here to say otherwise.”
However, he said he was met with immediate resistance on his appointment and some teachers actually said to him he had taken the job from Beverly Neblett-Lashley who had acted in the position for some time and was seen as “heir apparent”. (DP)