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Call to build buses

CAROL MARTINDALE, [email protected]

Call to build buses

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LET’S BUILD our own buses.Minister of Industry and Small Business Denis Kellman, wants Government to stop using up valuable foreign exchange and taxpayers’ money to send officials overseas to broker deals for buses manufactured outside the country.Instead, he’s urging Government to import chassis only, and have local company L & N Workshop Incorporated manufacture the buses here.Kellman made the suggestion today in the House of Assembly, where Members of Parliament were debating a resolution for Government to officially borrow $32 million from the National Insurance Scheme to assist the needs of the Transport Board.“The minister, if he has the opportunity to have buses built here, should be thankful. It would save our country foreign exchange and also ensure more Barbadians would be employed and taxpayers’ money saved,” Kellman told the Lower House.The MP for St Lucy also feels a new approach has to be taken regarding how business with the board is done in the future. “When you look at the size of the budget of the Transport Board, sooner or later we will have to take another look at the way we are doing things right now,” Kellman said. (BA)
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