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Rat trap

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Rat trap

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GOVERNMENT IS MOVING to ensure the fullest prosecution of people who help to encourage the harbouring of rats, mosquitoes and other vermin.
Chief Environmental Health Officer Tyrone Applewhaite said yesterday a draft vector control prosecution policy was being discussed, noting that under existing health services nuisances and rodent control regulations, the average maximum fine was $5 000 or six months to one year in prison or both.
“We are also now looking at a prosecution policy which would guide the framework for prosecution concerning rodents, mosquitoes, everything. If you fail to comply with [any of the] regulations, you would be brought to court,” he said yesterday during a break in the City of Bridgetown rodent control programme stakeholders consultation at Solidarity House, Harmony Hall, St Michael.
Applewhaite said regulations did not only deal with large-scale dumping but littering as well, such as casually throwing a plastic cup into a bush. (CA)