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Durant: Pump money into sports

CAROL MARTINDALE, [email protected]

Durant: Pump money into sports

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A?GOVERNMENT Senator says individuals should prove themselves before they are labelled with the title of Ambassador.Senator, Reverend David Durant made this assertion during his presentation in the Lower House of Assembly this afternoon.“The laying of such titles as Ambassador may be a bit too soon. Let them prove themselves. Don’t put pressure on them.“I think it is important they have a good track record over a period of time before you can award with them with the major titles,” he said.Durant said it was not in the best interest of the individual to carry such a burden when they may not be quite ready for such a label.“We have ambassadors… I think we should give them time and avoid putting them on that psychological pressure.“When we see where they are going, their vision, their trajectory, their sense of purpose, wisdom, behaviour and lifestyle, then you can look at awarding that national title,” he added.Speaking about the performances of Jamaica and Trinidad &?Tobago, Durant said both countries had much to be proud of with their athletes making their mark at the just concluded London Games.He spoke highly of the Jamaica 1-2-3 sweep of the men’s 200 metres and was also pleased that 19-year-old Keshorn Walcott could defy all odds with a historic triumph in the men’s javelin, the first medal in this event from an athlete from the western hemisphere since 1972.Durant said the time has come for Barbados to step up to the plate at Olympics.“Grenada has done it. Trinidad &?Tobago has done it again. Jamaica continues to make is mark. I hope we can do something in 2016 or 2020.”Durant says that medals will continue to elude us unless we pump major bucks into sports.