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What’s Trending: Broomes’ pain

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What’s Trending: Broomes’ pain

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The Nation’s Online Editor Carol Martindale looks at What’s Trending today in Barbados.
Yesterday was an emotional day for Principal of the Alexandra School Jeff Broomes when he took the stand at the Commission of Inquiry.
Broomes was seen drying tears after recalling the fact that his late mother’s illness had coincided with an issue surrounding the non-teaching of a fourth form between May and June last year.
Our readers have been following the developments of the Inquiry and posted their comments on this particular issue.
Joyann Babyjay Goodridge:  “That’s really sad. People have feelings and it’s words that hurt us the most.”
Sheer Elegance Drakes: “This is so unfortunate. A very sad situation. You were demonstrating a strong face all along but being human you can only take so much. May you overcome this challenge.”
Anne Baptiste:  “Mr Broomes, what hurts you will make you stronger. Put your trust in God. You are a brilliant man.”
Jason T Chandler:  “Pressure Man..Pressure. Stand firm boss.”
Denise Blackman:  “Mr Broomes my former English teacher, God will strengthen you. Keep trusting in Him.”
Andree-Oreen Edwards-Gilkes: “Do not cry just pray.”
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