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AWRIGHT DEN: Crop ain’t over

Corey Worrell

AWRIGHT DEN: Crop ain’t over

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The Crop Over season as we know it has come to an end. Some wished the season were longer; others wished it never started.
I look forward to the season, especially for the music. I frequent Bajantube and the various radio stations in search of new music and new artistes. This year I really enjoyed the songs by Adonijah (Something Lef In De Bottle), Smokey Burke (Dance Alexandra Dance), Adrian Clarke (Ain’t Frighten), Mac Fingall (White Collar Man), Fabee (No Place Like Home), Sir Ruel (Toast To Bag), Ian Webster (Sweetness) and Mikey (We Loose).
Let me use this opportunity to congratulate my good friend Michael Mikey Mercer, who was my classmate at Wesley Hall Primary from Infants to Class 4, on his successes during this season.
Each year, during the Crop Over season, there are a few things I observe that disappoint me, and this year was no different.
On Kadooment morning, I had to drop home a friend who lives close to Carlton & A1 Supermarket. As I was about to enter his neighbourhood, a band was passing, so I had to sit and wait.
While waiting, I observed how revealing and ridiculous some of the female costumes were. I just sat and shook my head. It seems every year it gets worse. There was this particular costume, which was white in colour, shaped like a V at the front, with the point of the V being very thin, covering only the centre of the vulva, and the two long sides concealing just the nipple and for some women the areola.
Some females stuck tape over the areola, but there was this one female whose breasts were fully exposed at times. There is even a picture on Facebook with her walking with her nipples uncovered. Of all the costumes I saw, this was the most disappointing. I know that for some men it was the most exciting.
There was another costume the top of which was just a wire with one or two turns wrapped around the breasts and an emblem or stone covering just the nipples. I was told it is called a caged bra.
I saw a pic on Facebook of a female in body paint wearing a bra. In another pic, the bra was off and a piece of tape was stuck over her nipples. I was, like, these people fuh real? This is what it has come to? This is what parents are carrying their children to see? The painted art was beautiful and the girl was very attractive but to just walk around with your breasts out like that is, in my opinion, not decent at all.
I know many will argue that it is just one day and people use this day just to relax and let loose. But morals, decency and standards transcend any occasion.
I am sorry, but some of these ladies looked very slack and I make no apologies for saying that. Honestly, some of them dressed no different from the prostitutes who ply their trade on the streets. You can check to see some of the pictures.
By now most of you would have seen the picture of the little boy wukking up on the adult female. It is quite disappointing that there are some people who saw nothing at all wrong with it. I wonder if they would have had the same opinion if it were an adult male wukking up on a little girl.
Lastly, there is one thing that occurs every year and I feel I need to say something about it. I think it is disrespectful and unprofessional for on-duty, uniformed policemen to allow women to gyrate on them and in some instances stimulate themselves on them during Kadooment. If this were any other day, it wouldn’t be allowed. The same way the public is to show respect to the Crown’s uniform outside of Kadooment, I believe the same should obtain during Kadooment. I am sure if a male reveller was to go and wuk up on a policewoman in uniform, he would hold some good licks and spend at least a night in the station.
Anyway, the crop might be over for many but not for me. The harvest is ripe but the labourers are few. Until Christ returns, souls still need salvation.
• Corey Worrell is a former Commonwealth youth ambassador.