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FULL STORY: Murder mystery

Anesta Henry

FULL STORY: Murder mystery

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A suspicious BlackBerry broadcast has thrown a cloud of mystery over the death of Jason Husbands, whose body was found lying next to his vehicle on Lamberts Road, St Lucy, on Tuesday afternoon.
Family members told the DAILY NATION yesterday that they and Husbands’ cellphone contacts received a message from his BlackBerry informing them that he had been shot.
Husbands’ phone has not been found and his relatives feel that the message was sent by his killer or killers.
The body of the 32-year-old father of one who lived at Hope Road, St Lucy, was found by a passerby about 4 p.m. on Tuesday.
Police said the body appeared to have gunshot wounds. Family members were yesterday trying to come to grips with the loss of their loved one, whom they described as “a quiet fella who did not deserve to die this way”.Husbands’ father Colin Greaves, sitting in his gallery, tried to figure out why “somebody would do this to my son”.Greaves said he found out about the death, through a call from his son’s girlfriend, alerting him that she received a message from his BlackBerry, that stated he was shot.
The deceased, who was employed at Courts (Barbados) Limited, was on his way home after fixing a stove for a woman in Cave Hill, St Lucy.Greaves said he went to Crab Hill Police Station to find out if they had any reports of a shooting.“They told me that nobody reported a shooting, but they know of an unnatural death somewhere up Lamberts. I leave and I went up there and told the police what the girlfriend called and told me,” he said.Greaves continued: “They allowed me to see the body. It was my son there lying in the road dead.”
The father said he was informed that “rocks were in the road, he get out of the van to remove the rocks and the person then shot him”.
He described his son as “a man of few words, neveruse to do much talking at all”.The police are investigating the suspected murder, and are asking anyone who may have information about the unnatural death to call them at emergency number 211 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-TIPPS (8477).