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Li’l Rick in the thick of things

Yvette Best

Li’l Rick in the thick of things

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Mr Crop Over (Li’l Rick) only landed one first place in the just concluded Crop Over season, but he arguably could have landed a second.
Li’l Rick was actually leading the pack of seven singers to challenge Red Plastic Bag (RPB) for the Sweet Soca title going into the July 29 finals. He was ahead of eventual winner Mikey by a whopping 29 points.
The points standings were revealed yesterday as the National Cultural Foundation released the official results of the various Crop Over competitions for 2012.
Li’l Rick’s tally for I Like Muhself in the Sweet Soca was 420 compared to Mikey’s We Loose on 391. Mikey would turn the tables at Soca Royale to finish with 461 points, ahead of Li’l Rick by 22 points.