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OUTSIDE THE PULPIT: Lunch worth the wait yet

Reverend Errington Massiah

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I am going to share an experience this week which you will find humorous.  
I was attending a luncheon and waiting for some time for the lunch, which came late. As a diabetic I began to feel badly, because after two services, all I had had for the day was a large cup of coffee.
Normally when I am invited to lunches or dinners I do not eat before leaving home, because I feel I would be killing the purpose of the invitation.
After inquiring why the lunch was so late, I discovered it was being prepared in Trinidad and Tobago. The boat had left Barbados very early in the day to collect the lunch in the twin island republic, but while leaving Trinidad and Tobago the crew were arrested by Coast Guard officers and taken into custody for fishing in Trinidad’s waters.
After spending a few hours in custody, with the officials finding no flying fish on board, the Bajan captain was eventually released. The lunch arrived in Barbados around 3 p.m.
What a wait! But in the end the lunch was worth it, for it was very delicious.
It seems, though, that those of us who are diabetic should leave home with our own lunch in case the other is late.
To be honest, there were snacks of cake and sweet drink, but there were of no help to those of us who take their diabetes seriously.