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Show love, respect to all!

Cheryl Harewood

Show love, respect to all!

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Beloved, let us love one another, for love is of God.
Little children listened attentively to this biblical truth when Shevon Estwick of the New York and Barbadian-based Healing For The Soul Ministries told them recently during a special evening of ministry at the Carrington Wesleyan Holiness Church.
It was part of Healing For The Soul Ministries’ special week of services and ministry in Barbados.
Estwick told the little ones and adults:
“Don’t treat others the way you think they should be treated. Rather, treat them the way you would want to be treated,” she emphasized.
During a short dramatization of The Good Samaritan by some of the children, Estwick explained to the young ones that they should also love and respect everyone they meet.
“Your neighbour is everyone you meet, so treat everyone with kindness. Let us all strive to love one another,” she said.
The children were sons, daughters and other relatives of inmates at Her Majesty’s Prisons Dodds.
Ryan Philips, public relations officer of HMP Dodds, also addressed the children, former inmates, family members and friends of Healing For The Soul Ministries, reminding them to trust God with every aspect of their lives as everything happens for a reason.
He further told them that they should ask God to give them a clean heart, as he explained that Project Change, a Healing For The Soul Ministries programme, was specifically aimed at equipping inmates with the skills and tools to re-enter society as responsible citizens.
“We have a responsibility to you,” he said.
Philips disclosed that “plans are in place to host a concert at HMP Dodds” that would allow children the opportunity to interface with their incarcerated parents and relatives.
Minister Judy Linton, head of Healing For The Soul Ministries, said she was pleased to be able to assist the children and develop programmes aimed at helping them to cope with being separated from parents and relatives.
During the evening complete with special ministry in song, praise and worship, children were given some tasty treats and presented with backpacks, stationery and gifts.