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Smart housing

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Smart housing

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ENERGY-SMART HOUSING is soon to become a feature of Barbados’ landscape.
The Green Living Community housing programme, to be rolled out by First Homes Inc. partnering with Cumberwood Realty and Caribbean Cabinets and utilizing green building and energy-efficient technology, was unveiled yesterday at Caribbean Cabinets’ Spring Garden complex.
Chief executive officer of Cumberwood Realty, Danny Cumberbatch, said the solar-powered homes would be connected to the Barbados Light & Power Company’s (BL&P) grid and excess electricity sold back to the BL&P, allowing homeowners to save an average of $5 000 a year.
“Before the last three to four years the equipment for solar was very expensive making it counterproductive to install it in the home . . . . With rising energy and oil costs worldwide and the increase and improvement in technology, solar energy is now more affordable for all,” Cumberbatch said. (LK)