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Inquiring minds want to know

rhondathompson, [email protected]

Inquiring minds want to know

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How come a man who was locked up for about 20 or so years in a foreign country, a man who ain’t got nuh kinda status in dat country, a man whose own country and countrymen reject him, duh doan want him so he cahn guh back there tuh even look up he own family?
And how come the very country dat he was living in fuh years and who he might be one of their citizens doan want him but yet still he could be pulling rank ’pon the very country dat he wronged?
How come dat fuh me, a good law-abiding citizen could find it so hard tuh get an appointment tuh see a Government minister but a man like Raul Garcia could be suh powerful dat a big able Prime Minister could meet wid he? The man got real clout, doh!
Well ya hear dat he might be gine ’pon hunger strike again if duh doan release he from Her Majesty’s Prison soon. I suppose he stopping in there and watching fellas getting duh freedom after suh many years and he still in there long after he done serve out his. But I suppose how evah ya look at it, he here and not a soul here, there or anywhere aint want he, so he gotta stop here.
The thing is, if he is tuh dead up there in Dodds, God forbid, dat won’t look too good ’pon Barbados at all, so I hope duh get it sorted out soon.
Waiting to hear
Evahbody talking ’bout The Alexandra School inquiry and a lot o’ people waiting tuh hear wha’ Commissioner Waterman gine come up wid. Dem old teachers and the members o’ the BSTU who dissatisfied wid Broomes only waiting tuh rejoice if Broomes get the boot.
’Pon the other hand, all the other secondary school principals who backing Broomes just waiting tuh see how duh gine treat a man like dem who have given his life tuh teaching, training and shaping the young minds in this country.
Talking ‘bout the children, I would like tuh know how the decision Mr Waterman makes gine affect dem.
I am also wondering, if Mr Broomes should go, how the children gine respond to the teachers who were on strike and refused tuh teach dem.
 Another thing going through my mind all the time is how things gine work out wid the young teachers who speak out about how the older teachers used to get on when Broomes was talking; the ones who was bold enough to speak out against dem. I mean it is one thing tuh have something in ya mind, but it is another thing tuh actually express it. Huh!
What colour dress
I wondering what colour dress Miss Redman will be wearing in nine days, should Mr Broomes waltz back into Alexandra School and is still principal. I really think ya should get rid o’ some o’ dem old girls, doh.
But talking bout Mr Waterman, I would like tuh know why he would admonish or tell off Mr Broomes fuh pitching marbles wid some o’ the children. Wha’ he aint easy!
The man told Mr Broomes dat he was above the children and they were below him. Now dat is a load o’ crap but I hear a pastor say one time dat we (adults) does lose our youthfulness because we believe dat when we become adults, we should become old and stuffy; I suppose Mr Waterman like he lost his.
I aint know wha’ gine come outta this commission, whether or not this thing could really bring a solution tuh the problem. As far as I hear, the commission could only recommend certain things; I think the Public Service Commission would have tuh be involved.
Al Barrack situation
The next thing dat got me wondering is the Al Barrack situation. How come up tuh now nuhbody cahn see it fit tuh give man his money? The man win the case in court, it was appealed and he turn around and win it again, yet still up tuh now he cahn get a blind cent!
I think it was in 2006 dat the BLP Government lost the case and the Government and then the D’s came in, and up tuh now dah poor man cahn get he money he wuk fuh. Dat is disgusting.
I think it was David Thompson who did offer him something like 40-something million and he refuse, telling dem dat he want all he money, which was something like 60-something.
I wondering when duh gine pay the man: it look like the Government like duh waiting fuh the man tuh dead and hope dat it will all go away once he outta sight.
I aint know how wunna feel but I think it is very,  very wrong.
• Mavis Beckles was born and raised in The Orleans. She has an opinion on everything.

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