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My mate prefers male lovers

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My mate prefers male lovers

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Dear Christine,
I was friendly with a man for about four years and I have two children for him. When we first started dating, I heard he was a man lover, so I asked him about it.
Of course, he denied everything. He told me if I wanted to believe it, this was my fault, so I decided to stop asking him questions.
One night he brought home a young man to sleep at the house. I got up and made a noise. He told me the young boys and the men are better than I am.
Now, there is a young boy who comes every week for money. I told him it does not look good and that he has a woman [me] living with him.
Christine, he told me quite bluntly that I cannot stop what is going on and that he gives me what I want.
In essence, he believes that if he is supporting me and the children, what more could I ask for?
Christine, I am looking for a place to live as I believe it is the right thing to do. What do you think?
– B.A.
Dear B.A.,
Quite frankly, I am surprised that you are asking me that question and have not left already.
From the first time he brought that young man home to spend the night, I would have been looking for a place to live.
Still, you’re making the right choice now. He cannot be interested in you yet bring men to the house. Also, I do not see him changing his lifestyle to please you anytime soon.
Even if change comes sometime in the future, it wouldn’t be wise to return to that nest. Leave as soon as you can and don’t look back.