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Readers feel pain of killer’s dad

Sherie Holder-Olutayo

Readers feel pain of killer’s dad

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In yesterday’s edition of the Sunday Sun, the father of Renaldo Alleyne, who received six life sentences for the Campus Trendz deaths, broke his silence on the September 3, 2010 tragedy.
He spoke about the pain he feels as a father, the sympathy that he extends to the families of the six young women who perished in the fire, his fears and his shattered dreams. Several of our online readers were moved by his candid outpouring, and commented on the sadness that surrounds all the families involved in the tragedy. Here’s what they had to say.
Randy Bridgeman: “No matter how you slice, dice, cut, or analyse it, this is a tragedy of monumental proportions. Six young ladies cut down in their prime: Kellishaw, Kelly-Ann, Nikkita, Pearl, Shanna and Tiffany.
“A young man, rightly so, locked away for the rest of his life. Some would say he should’ve been sent to the gallows. Grieving family members and friends of the victims. A dad sick to the heart because of his son’s heinous crimes, fearing possible revenge, ostracized at work. A nation wondering privately and publicly “wuh gine on doh”, “wuh Buhbaydus cummin’ tuh”.
“We can’t bring back the deceased, but as bad as things are at present, as sad as we are, there’s hope for all involved. Yes, this would include even the perpetrator, as evil as his crimes were. I have no hesitation in recommending Jesus Christ to anyone who is suffering, sad, angry, bitter, without hope, imprisoned and worried about the future.
“In fact, anyone alive, anywhere may freely approach Him for help. He knows all about our sorrows for He suffered the ultimate indignity: hanging on a cross.”
Arlene Brown-Richardson: “What these ‘bad boys/bad girls’ don’t understand is that when they do these heinous crimes, it is their families that bear the brunt of the embarrassment.
“Each and every day the family has to face the neighbours, workmates and by extension the whole of Barbados, while they sit in prison. This father is now living in fear, not knowing when or if the victims’ family will retaliate. It is like a ticking time bomb! Sad, Sad, Sad!”
Donna Juanita Walrond-Howell: “This story is very sad and I truly feel sorry for this father. I am a mother and this story hurts my heart”!
Phatkat Kolonji: “He should not be persecuted . . . He is not his son.”
Bert Arthur: “Seven lives wasted. So sad!”
Henderson Yarde: “A father’s pain from the other side of the coin. So many lives were negatively affected by this one merciless act. As a father, sir, I feel your pain.”
Compiled by Sherie Holder-Olutayo