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Show who you are in Christ!

Cheryl Harewood

Show who you are in Christ!

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“EVERY BORN-AGAIN BELIEVER is a priest and until we, as priests, can rule in our community, home and workplaces, our priesthood means nothing,” says Prophetess Judy Dunner.
“Others must see the fruit in your life and know who you are [in Christ], for God is not impressed by your words but by the type of fruit that is pleasing and beneficial to those looking on,” she said on the last night of a recent week-long crusade conducted by Pastor Ian Jones at New Dawn Ministries, St David’s Village, Christ Church.
Dunner spoke on Zechariah 3:1-5, which told how Joshua was opposed by Satan before being clothed in new garments, this act representing the removal of his iniquities.
She explained that Joshua was being opposed because God was about to move him from one level to another; to consecrate and ordain him as High Priest.
Likewise, she said, “Whenever you are about to break into a new place with God, opposition will come. The Devil will want you to believe you cannot step up from where you are, so he tries to block you.
“The first thing he does is stop you from praying so as to cut your communication with God.”
Dunner also preached that “it is important for every believer to know who they are in Christ and how to identify with Christ”.
“If we are to be identified as the remnant – for the world is waiting for the remnant to appear . . . , we must understand it is our spiritual position which must be seen. It is the appearing which needs to be seen, not the appearance.
“There are many people in the world who look like you and me in appearance but they are not saved. So there must be something inside of us that must rise up.
“God wants us to manifest who we are because we have been hiding behind our clothing and not showing who we are. Therefore, when we present ourselves before God, Satan is there,” she said.
Dunner said Joshua was ripe for promotion but because of things in his life that needed to be dealt with, Satan was pointing an accusing finger at him.
She stressed that whenever something new “is about to happen in our lives”, records of our past are needed and believers should therefore ensure Satan cannot accuse them of any wrongdoing in their past or present lives.
“If something inside of you belongs to Satan, he has the right to accuse you. If you are a liar, you have on filthy garments; if you are a gossiper, you are wearing a filthy garment. If you are a murderer or hate someone, you are wearing a filthy garment.
“If you are watching porn in your bedroom, the Holy Spirit is there and He knows because He is watching you. If you are lusting after a man or a woman and desiring him or her, you are wearing filthy garments and Satan has the legal right to oppose you,” she explained.
“God expects us as believers to be holy and pure. God’s remnant has no right to be [a pretender]. As God’s remnant you must show who you are as a believer.
“As a remnant we have to move ourselves from becoming strongholds in ministry.
“We must come to church not to control the atmosphere, but to worship.
“We must stop contending for presence in the local body.
“If the church must rise, we must stop looking at other people and start looking on the inside,” Dunner declared.
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