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Glad de call centre come back

shadiasimpson, [email protected]

Glad de call centre come back

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Dear Nesta,
How you? I hope yuh gine ’long hale an’ hearty an’ feelin’ fine ’cause yuh know, ef you don’ look after yuhself, who gine do it fuh yuh? Nowadays evuhbody too bizzy, even fuh duhself. I en know why duh rushin’ ’bout so – perhaps it mek duh feel important.
I got a frien’ – ’pon retirement, min’ yuh – always complainin’ how she mo’ busy now dan when she was wukkin’. She really en wrong, ’cause she was never one to do a hones’ day’s wuk, anyhow. Now, she always rushin’ from pillar to pos’.    
You evuh hear de sayin’ dat a drop o’ water does wear ’way de roughes’ stone? Well, it certainly prove to be true, when I hear LIME decide to bring de call centre back to Buhbayduss. Dat comp’ny had sech a bariffle o’ complaints from Bajans sence duh move it to Sin Lucia, dat duh c’n do neffin less.  
I still tryin’ to onderstan’ why, in de firs’ place, LIME t’ought it better to set it up ovuh dey, whey operators dat know neffin ’bout Buhbayduss, had to deal wid we problems. I en know ef it was better fuh dem pockets, but I know dat mos’ times, de people I had to speak to concernin’ any o’ my problems din had a clue.
Yuh coulda been callin’ all de way from Mars, as far as dem was concern. An’ yuh c’n blame de poor souls. It woulda been de same t’ing ef de tables did turn, an’ we had to deal wid complaints from Sin Lucia. We woulda been in de dark, jes’ like dem.
Anyhow, de call centre back hey, some 60 people now in de money (dat should help dem, wid Chris’mas ’roun’ de corner) an’ life, I hope, gine be less stressful fuh people like muhself. De nex’ time I phone an’ say I callin’ from de Turnin’, de operator should know exackly wuh I talkin’ ’bout! Wuh, she sheself, might be livin’ in de same Turnin’.
I en know wedder or not election year got anyt’ing to do wid dis move, but wuhevuh de reason, I glad it happen. But LIME shun stop dey, one or two t’ings still need fixin’. Duh could ax Philomena. Fuh de longes’ while now, she been havin’ problems wid she voicemail.
You know hummuch times frien’s does phone an’ bewze she fuh not replyin’ to duh phone call? Sometimes de message need a urgent answer, but as she don’ get it fuh days, by de time it turn up, it stale.
Complainin’ would bring out a technician, but de same t’ing would happen agen after a li’l while. Philomena now so fed up dat she stop reportin’ de problem an’ decide to jes’ live ’long wid it. She say life short as it is.
I was tellin’ she de ethuh day dat I got a problem mo’ vexin’ dan she own. You don’ know how annoyin’ it is to be speakin’ ’pon de phone, only to hear a click an’ evuht’ing gone dead, easy so? An’ sometimes it would happen agen durin’ de same conversation.
De firs’ few times I report it, somebody turn up to fix it. But wuhevuh de problem was, or I should say, is, I still got it. Fuh me, it now become a part o’ life, so now, whenevuh I hear de click, I know dat’s my signal to go an’ do somet’ing else fuh a while, ’til dial tone come back. I en want muh pressure no higher dan it is.   
I always hear dat ef yuh wait long enuff, yuh would get wuh yuh want. Well, de call centre come back, right? Who is to say, de ethuh problems en gine get fix as well?
Tek care o’ yuhselfYuh frien’ Babsie