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Hanging out at Heritage Park

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Hanging out at Heritage Park

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We were invited to join Winston France for his birthday celebration at Heritage Park, Silver Sands, Christ Church, on Sunday.
“Killer”, as everyone affectionately calls him, was expressing thanks for reaching his 66th birthday. It was an occasion the “boys” and “girls” of Carters Gap, Christ Church, and surrounding areas were pleased to celebrate.
On arrival at Heritage Park, a group of women grabbed our attention. They turned out to be members of the 1988/1989 class of Springer Memorial School. The day out was coordinated by Angela “Kitty” Skeete and Sharmay Eastmond but they delegated the role of spokesperson to Toni Sealy-Applewhite.
Toni classified the group as “bare sweet girls from Springer”. Giving a running commentary, she said that one girl was much smaller at school, one was real quiet and another was a little quiet but somewhat sly. The girls did not protest.
Toni the spokesperson went on to list the menu to which they would be treated that afternoon: macaroni pie, lasagna, dry peas and rice, beef stew, grilled fish, baked pork and lamb, cheese and corned beef sandwiches and a wide selection of drinks.
The girls said they were looking forward to enjoying an island safari or a catamaran cruise some time in the future.
Relaxing near to the Springer girls were Evelyn Hippolyte and her son Fidel’s fiancée, Asher Headley. They seemed very relaxed and at peace with themselves as they reclined side by side on a sheet in the park. Evelyn was highly complimentary of her future daughter-in-law, referring to her as a “good girl”.
“When they’re nice, you treat them nice,” she said.
They were part of the picnicking Hippolyte family from St James.
When birthday boy “Killer” finally arrived, the boys gave him a big greeting. Most of them were his fellow cricket enthusiasts primarily from the Inch Marlow and Carters Gap areas. The others were his social mates who usually lime with him at Annie’s Bar in Carters Gap.
The women, meanwhile, were busy putting the finishing touches to the meal, especially the soup, which proved to be a hit. Prepared by Marjorie Edwards, it contained okras, yam, eddoes, plantain, coconut dumplings, lentil peas, pig snout and lamb.
Among those at “Killer’s” birthday celebration were community practitioners Marseta Walcott and Lasonta “Roseann” Holder, whom he called his people. When introduced to one of their associates, Joan Sergeant, he declared:
“Once you with them, you good. Welcome.”
“Killer’s” partner Annie was a gracious hostess, making sure the guests were well looked after.
And they were happy to share “Killer’s” joy of celebrating one more birthday. The Vincentian-born industrious yet fun-loving icon of Carters Gap has been central to the social life of that community. The Bajan spirit of life mixed with a CARICOM flavour flows around him.