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‘Con’ at 13

Heather-Lynn Evanson

‘Con’ at 13

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THE 13-YEAR-OLD truant was likened to a con man who brushed aside his mother’s “feeble attempts” to control him and who appeared to be in charge of his own destiny.
And the prognosis for his future was less than positive if he were allowed to return to his mother’s home.
This was contained in a psychological report prepared on the boy, parts of which were read to the Holetown Magistrates’ Court yesterday.
Its contents and conclusion were later described as worrisome by the mother’s attorney Arthur Holder and the magistrate who is hearing the matter.
Janelle Jordan, a mother of five, from Haynesville, St James, confessed that being the parent of the school-aged boy, born in 1999, she allowed that child to fail to attend school regularly.
The boy was absent for all of the 66 days of Term I, as well as all of the 54 days of Term II of the 2010/2011 school year.