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Mum needs food for her children

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Mum needs food for her children

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Dear Christine,
I am writing this letter in bed, wondering what will become of me.
I have never been so stressed out in my life. I have not told anyone but I know if things don’t get better soon I will be heading for a total breakdown. My body feels so tired and weak, my nerves are going and I am aching.
The pressure is so much to bear I just don’t know how much more I can manage.
This is five months now that I have been home on sick leave. I have no food to feed my children; my rent is two-months behind; my electricity is also in arrears. Christine, things were okay for the first three months home but these past couple of months my children eat food twice a week and the rest of the days it is either bakes or biscuits. Sometimes I might get enough change for them to have bread.
My life has not been perfect but I would have never thought it would have gotten this bad. Yes, I have made mistakes in my life where men are concerned, but should they make their children suffer because they can’t have mummy anymore?
Christine, two of my children’s fathers are in the maintenance court. The only time I get money is when they get a summons to come to court for money owed. The other has not paid since September last year. He went to court and was given a few months to pay the arrears he owes. My ex-husband keeps telling me about my “deadbeat job” as he calls it. He lives a happy life somewhere overseas but still would not send one cent for his children. From the time he went away he was sending a barrel but it never came. Maybe it went to China.
Christine, I had an operation and now I am experiencing a lot of pain. I can hardly move around sometimes. I have a wonderful lady who helps me out sometimes, but she too is now in a tight spot herself. I don’t know but I am asking if there is anyone out there who can help me and my children out for a little while until I can get back on my feet again. We would be very grateful.
We have family but they never have anything to offer us. When I was up there, I was the one helping them.
My children do very well at school and believe me I am not just saying that. Each of them is among the top six in class. I would love to treat them for doing well but I can’t. They understand and still continue to do wonderful things.
I pray to God each and every day for them to be successful in life that they would not have it hard like I am having it hard right now.
I hope that my letter is not too long to print. I wrote this much because it took my mind off things I am thinking of doing.
Again, if there is anyone out there who can help us with food, maybe some clothes and shoes for the kids and maybe a little help with the bills, we would gladly welcome the help.
Thank you for publishing my letter.   
Dear HELP,
I know that my assistant has contacted you and is aware of your case. She seems quite impressed with your three daughters who are doing extremely well at their respective older secondary schools.
Sometimes in life we are faced with some insurmountable mountains, but God is always willing to offer help – whether He removes the mountains, or takes us around them. I am giving you this word of encouragement, so you won’t give up hope.  
Your precious children need you more than ever. I am making a special appeal to readers to give what they can to help you. I know you need this help more than ever.      My assistant will be keeping you up to date with any public offers and I will see what I can do to lend further assistance.