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Return of the rally nights

Stefan Walker

Return of the rally nights

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After an action-packed Summer Nights Stages Rally last month it is now the turn of the Motoring Club Barbados Inc. (MCBI) to embrace night rallying.
Saturday will see part two of the motorsport fix for September as the MCBI EZ Pave 2012 Rally of the Sun and Stars hits the streets.
This year, the rally takes a 12-stage format which will be held at two venues – Mapps to Stewarts Hill and Andrews to Malvern.
The action gets underway at 12:15 p.m. and will run both venues thrice each before the dinner stop. After that, it is back to the stages at a planned 5:20 p.m. when the final six stages will be held in reverse.
That should take the event up to 10 o’clock, barring any incidents.
Last year saw Paul “The Surfer” Bourne get the win over Sean Gill in an event which took them to the north of the island with disastrous effects. The rains were so bad on the Haggatts stage that water covered parts of it and many drivers expressed their displeasure, with the result that the event was reduced to only one stage.
It was also on that stage that Roger
 “The Sheriff” Skeete met his demise.
With the stages moving further inland this year, even if the rain does fall, the event could still go on without a hitch.
The main contenders will once again be Skeete, Bourne and Gill. Jamaica’s Jeffrey Panton will be tackling the Barbados tarmac for the first time since
 Sol Rally Barbados 2012 in his Ford Focus WRC06.
Panton proved why he was one of the Caribbean’s best last time out and will be looking to place even further up the leader board.
A host of other drivers and navigators have indicated via Facebook that they will be attending the event.
However, the official start list will not be released until after entries close today.