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Welcome to the Garrison!

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Welcome to the Garrison!

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LEAVE WHATEVER NEGATIVITY you have been told about yourself at the school gate. You can leave it at either the front or back gate.
This was the advice given to new students of Garrison Secondary School by principal Matthew Farley as he delivered a special message to them during orientation yesterday.
He told the 194 first formers, who were dressed in their uniforms for the first time, that they were now members of a special tradition of excellence.
Farley said the day marked the beginning of a journey that would take them to the next level, where they would start to say: “I am special, I am unique, I am aware of my potential and I shall be the best that I can be”.
“It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to one of the greatest secondary schools in the world. And I make no apologies for saying that. It has produced outstanding citizens who are making their contribution in Barbados, regionally and internationally, in all spheres of endeavour.
“From this day, you have to call yourself a Garrisonian. Be proud of that association because it is going to be a part of you for the rest of your lives.”
Farley, known for being a strict disciplinarian, particularly when it comes to taking his stance against students who breach the school’s dress code, was in action yesterday.
With parents and teachers looking on, the principal himself carried out a thorough inspection of all the students as they walked across the stage by form.
All the boys were allowed to carry on as he had no problems with their attire. However, he questioned the length of some of the girls’ uniforms, asking them to step aside to receive a warning.
“The two inches below the knee has been chosen for good reasons. If your child’s overall does not comply, we will give you some reasonable time to make some adjustments,” he told the students and their parents/guardians.
Also giving sound words of encouragement to the impressionable students were Sergeant Pedro Whitehall, president of the school’s alumni, and acting first form year head Karen Bryan. (AH)