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Keep abreast of technology!

Lisa King

Keep abreast of technology!

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The use of technology in the Caribbean should try to keep pace with the rate of development of that technology, says secretary general of the Caribbean Telecommunications Union (CTU), Bernadette Lewis.
Lewis said that across the Caribbean region there were too many examples of 21st century information and communication technology (ICT) embedded in 19th century systems with little impact. She added that she had seen very sophisticated computers reduced to being used as high-tech typewriters.
The CTU secretary general told the ICT Innovation And Investment Forum of the Caribbean ICT Roadshow at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre that the full potential of ICT required new approaches that were compatible with the capabilities of technology.
She said the roadshow started three years ago with the intent of visiting the CTU 20 member countries to raise public awareness and educate people about the power of ICT to transform every sphere of endeavour.  
Lewis posed a question to young people: “What do you want to do? What challenges do you have and how can you use ICT tools to solve them?”
“I want to say to the people of the Caribbean, to young Barbadians and Barbadians in general, you can create the solution, but it requires a change in the mindset. Use all opportunities of the ICT revolution, but embrace the belief that you have the capacity to do it,” she said.
Senator Haynesley Benn voiced similar sentiments as he issued the challenge to “step up to the plate and innovate”.
He said, “The efforts of local innovators must become a source of increased economic activity for the country, and the efforts can be accelerated if we put in place policies that promote the dissemination of knowledge.”
He suggested that ICT tools currently available made it easier for a greater number of people to become entrepreneurs.
“A wealth of low or no-cost online tools, coupled with hyper-connected markets, put innovation capabilities into the hands of a greater number of persons and allow ideas to rapidly spread,” Benn said.