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Garcia denied visitor

Barry Alleyne

Garcia denied visitor

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Living with a toothbrush  and two books for the past five days, Raul Garcia requested some companionship yesterday.
It was denied. And now  his attorney David Comissiong is convinced he will have  to take the Government  of Barbados to the law courts to either allow his client  to have visitors, or even earn his total freedom.
A vexed Comissiong told the DAILY NATION yesterday: “It is a wrongful  use of power by the Chief Immigration Officer.”
He revealed that Chief Immigration Officer Erine Griffith yesterday refused Garcia’s request to have  a counsellor visit him at his special lodging facility near the Garrison, St Michael. The counsellor was very helpful  to Garcia during his 20-year incarceration in Barbadian jails, and the two struck  up a friendship, so the former inmate wanted to have a talk with him yesterday.