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She left me for a married man

shadiasimpson, [email protected]

She left me for a married man

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Dear Christine,
Four years ago I met a really nice girl. We hit it off immediately. I was never unfaithful to her. At night when I left her home, I would head straight to bed. When we spoke on the telephone at night, I would always turn over and go to sleep.
I loved this girl so much; I would have done any and everything for her. She just had to ask me.
She had two children from a previous relationship and I took care of those children because she had a really bad break with the father. Last year I purchased some land and decided to build a house and marry her.
Christine, all that I’ve done seemed to have been in vain. Earlier this year she met a married man who promised her the sky – sun, moon and stars.
This man has fooled her into believing that he will soon get a divorce and marry her. Her parents have tried to talk her out of this and I have also spoken to her repeatedly.
I told her the man is using her and lying to her, but she refuses to listen. I am really broken about all this. What more can I do? – HS
Dear HS,
You must be hurting and I can understand how you feel. However, there is nothing more you can do but leave her alone and let her discover her mistakes for herself.
Like so many affairs, this one stands to die and then she will need a friend to talk to.
Don’t hang around waiting for her world to come crashing down around her.
Stop feeling so sad. Get out and enjoy life with friends – people who love and appreciate you. Soon, you will find yourself in good spirits again.    
Who knows? Maybe you’ll find your true love in good time, then you’ll realize the heartache you went through was a necessary chapter in your life.– CHRISTINE