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He loved my best friend more than me

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He loved my best friend more than me

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A PREGNANCY SHOULD bring a couple closer together. It should be the greatest proof of their love for each other, and be the ultimate celebration of their union.
That is what I believed prior to my pregnancy. Though I still believe that today, I am not starry eyed about romance anymore. I no longer see the creation of a baby that will look like me and my partner as the one thing that would help make our relationship tighter.
I now see pregnancy for what it is – a health and emotional risk to the woman, coupled with the hazard of your man cheating on you.
Those women who went through the ordeal of pregnancy and an unfaithful man at the same time know exactly what I am talking about. Nothing compares to that betrayal because at that time you are at your most vulnerable. You get fat, you can’t do the things you’re accustomed, and you really need emotional support. Yet, when you need him more than ever, he is making moves with someone else.
I was horned before so I know that pain. But believe me, not even that experience prepared me for the rejection and sheer hopelessness that engulfed me when my man left me big pregnant for someone else.
What made this situation more depressing was who he left me for, and the fact that I never saw it coming. He was the caring attentive type and I would not have thought him capable of betraying me.
So what happened, you might ask. After all, people don’t just change like that.
To be honest, after more than three years studying what could be the cause for his drifting, all I can put it down to is my former best friend who he lives with. I am sure it was her lies about me that swayed him. Let me explain.
For the several months that he and I were going out as a couple, my best friend would often be there giving advice and supporting me. She knew that at first I was not that much into him. Yes, I liked him, but as I was still trying to get over my first relationship which ended when I found out that guy cheated on me, I wanted to take my time.
So many times, though he was checking me, he and her would go to the cinema or limes together. She would always report back on what he said, so I always felt well informed.
I know some of you might be saying that I was a real fool to trust her, but I knew her from primary school. We shared all of our secrets and loved each other as much as two women could and still be women. We were that tight!
Anyway, my feelings for him steadily grew and after about a year of our casual friendship I told him
I was ready for a committed relationship. When I told my best friend of the decision afterwards, though she seemed happy for me, saying that she thought he was a great guy, she wondered why I made the decision without first telling her as accustomed. I explained that the moment was right and it came out. She was cool with this and we hugged as usual.
On reflection though, I did sense a chill in our relationship thereafter. At the time though, I put it down to her trying to ace her studies.
Anyway, my relationship with my partner grew from strength to strength and at no time did I ever think there was anyone else. About four months after my decision to get serious with him, we started living together, and I was the happiest woman alive. I used to hear my best friend still but we did not spend as much time together.
My partner used to see her more often though as she got a job in the same building he worked in. That meant they often saw each other and would sometimes have lunch together. I was cool with that because she was my closest friend and I trusted her.
Months later when I realized I had become pregnant, I excitedly call her first. She said she was happy with me but couldn’t talk as she was on a call before. I should have realized that something was amiss as she never got back to me until two days later. But I was so happy to hear her that I never thought of it until the whole thing blew up.
As my pregnancy progressed and I was slowing down, I also noticed that my partner was spending more time away from home. Then, one night it was after ten and I had not heard from him despite calling his cell several times. So I called my best friend to cry on her shoulder.
To my surprise, after listening to my concern about his whereabouts, she put him on the phone. I was stunned. What was he doing there I kept asking him? All he would say is that he would explain.
Within a half an hour he pulled up outside the house with her in the passenger seat. I could not believe my eyes. By then it was nearly 11:30 p.m. so I asked why she was with him? What was going on?
He told me he had come to the realization that he loved her more than me. He was sorry for hurting me, but that I could rest assured that he would take care of all of the baby’s needs.
I began to scream and cry. I ran back inside the house and then everything went black. When I opened my eyes again I was in the hospital. I had fainted, and fell; but the baby was fine.
To make a long story short, I am now a single mother and my ex-partner and former best friend now live together. I hate them and wish they suffer for deceiving me.