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Rapped for straight talk

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Rapped for straight talk

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BEING FRANK AND FORTHRIGHT landed a professional in hot water this week.
In front of his CEO, chairman and political boss, the man stated honestly what were the shortcomings of his institution and what was needed. Of course, this interesting but non-flattering news was widely carried by the radio stations.
So the following day, while this professional was in an annual meeting, he was summoned to the CEO’s office, where he was roundly chastised for telling the truth. He was told that because he made the place look bad, they would release some information to counter the bad report.
Event up in the air
THERE’S A BIG discussion going on about whether an event should be held again this year and what would be the possible benefits if it is.
The talks, which are taking place in high circles, have some urgency since the event was originally scheduled to get going at the end of this month.
Some say not holding it would send a signal that the other side, which is hosting a similar affair that was heralded as a success last year, is going one up on them. And they declare that should not be allowed to happen, especially at a time when they’re fighting to win hearts and minds.
On the other hand, those who feel the event should be laid to rest this time around are saying that with limited money in circulation, it would be better to channel whatever money that would normally be raised for this event to the forthcoming showdown.
So if this event doesn’t come off, it’s not because the group cannot organize things. It’s just that they have no intention of trying to catch at the small things and lose out on the bigger issue.
Upper-class truant
A WELL RESPECTED COUPLE have been told that they should ensure their daughter goes to school each day and not repeat her dismal attendance record of last year.
It seems the child skipped school quite a bit last year and was caught liming with very unsavoury characters.
It seems that the parents believe the teen, who lives in an upscale neighbourhood, is out of control. The big question is why? Maybe the mother should ask her father that.
Roadblock in village
RESIDENTS OF A close-knit community are angry with a non-national and her clients who are behaving as if they own the road.
The long-time residents are complaining that the non-national operates a shop and the customers stand in the road, blocking it. When people honk their horns, the patrons stay in the road and direct traffic.
The residents want the police to do more than just come out there and chat with these people. They want their district cleared of the unruly crowds.
Noisy puppet on a string
IF THE DEAD could hear they would surely be listening to the loud, daily ramblings of a short, knock-kneed woman who lives near a solemn place.
Every day she complains about having to share a brown-skinned mechanic with his staunch woman and a string of young girls. And joining her is her equally loudmouthed mother who seems not to understand that cussing out the other women won’t stop the man from horning her daughter.