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Party in the gap

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Party in the gap

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THe community of Dodson Land in Black Rock, St Michael, came alive recently when the family and friends of shopkeeper Donna Williams, of Kool Lime Bar, filled the gap to celebrate her birthday in grand style.
Her husband Andrew, daughter Teena, brothers Anthony, David, Richard and William, and sister Sandra, who all chip in to help with running the shop from time to time, did their part to ensure the party was a success.
Andrew said that over the years he had given his wife cakes, roses, wine and gifts on her special day. However, Teena admitted she was the one behind this year’s birthday celebration since none was held last year. She wanted to surprise her mum, so she went ahead and invited family and friends.
Teena, who could pass as Donna’s lookalike right down to the same affable and outgoing spirit, was high in praise for her industrious mum.
The birthday girl saw the celebration more as a tribute to her customers. She was happy to see them enjoying the Bajan culinary fare of macaroni pie, saltfish and rice, rice and stew, fish cakes, fried pork and fish as well as an assortment of sandwiches.
Among the guests was Richard Stoute of Teen Talent fame, one of Donna’s regular customers.
“He is like a family member,” she said.
Stoute replied that he was honoured to be considered “like family”. He said the bar was like a home base for him because the top three competitors in each  Teen Talent preliminary were taken there to be treated to food, drinks and music and to make contact withthe community. Those contestants moving on to the semi-finals also got their night out at Kool Lime Bar to celebrate their success.
We caught up with former Teen Talent contestant and calypsonian Lynette Hinds-Alleyne, who was clearly in a celebratory mood. She paid tribute in song, karaoke style, to Williams with a soulful rendition of Bob Marley’s No Woman No Cry.
It seemed as if Donna’s shop was a haunt for cultural practitioners as we also spotted Sir Don, a former calypso king of Barbados and accomplished songwriter, mingling with the crowd.
As if giving vent to feelings of nostalgia, DJ Herman Mascoll (also known as Chiclet) took the folks back to the Bajan music of the 1980s and 1990s with selections from Spice Band, Carew, Gabby and Red Plastic Bag. Carew’s Bow Wow Wow and Wax Palax, RPB’s Rover Pee and Gabby’s Hit It were sure to rekindle memories for some. The younger folks were, however, particularly thrilled when Lil Rick’s I Like Muhself rang out in the street.
Member of Parliament for the area, Chris Sinckler, not to be left out of such a grand community affair, turned up when we thought we had seen everyone who had come to pay tribute to the charming honoree of the night.
A picture of traditional community life had unveiled itself before us. What a sweet slice of Bajan life!