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Dumping block at BWA

Marlon Madden

Dumping block at BWA

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Indiscriminate dumping at the entrance to the Barbados Water Authority’s (BWA) main pumping station in the Belle, St Michael, is creating a headache for workers at that Government agency.
The perpetrators include people from Government entities, commercial companies and private residents according to workers at the pumping station.
Supervisor, Andy Lynch, told MIDWEEK NATION he had been trying for months to get the situation rectified by making phone calls to the MTW and the Royal Barbados Police Force but had been getting “the runaround”.
“I make phone calls and do everything I should and nothing happened. You think this is the first time you [The NATION] get a call?” he said.
“I don’t know who else to call. I even call the Ministry of Health about it and they come and take pictures and nothing more happened,” lamented Lynch.