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No love lost for leader

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No love lost  for leader

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IT SEEMS that the knight who would be king was not paid homage during his recent sojourn to a faraway land.
Reports from the motherland state that during a gala event in his honour, under 120 people turned up. Normally such functions attract between 220 and 270 nobles, all fired up and banging on the table in support of their standard-bearer.
But judging from their absence it seems those people do not consider this new champion their knight in shining armour. Or, if they do, they did not attend the function because they knew he would do the usual, that is, rehash the glory days when all hands were on deck for the long-gone skipper.
True to form, this knight said nothing about his men’s exploits. He was long on his version of the clan’s history, but short regarding details about what he and his men were doing to keep their standard flying high.
If this knight was looking for acclamation to ascend the throne of his ancestors, he surely did not find it there.
It seems that those clansmen, too, are, as the bearded court scribe who recently regained his voice surmised, not too impressed with this knight.  
Bee returns to hive
A BIG BUMBLE BEE is again buzzing around his old haunts, hoping to impress.
Word reaching Cou Cou is that this bee has stated that he intends to be a giant killer by capturing and lynching the person who swatted him out of the hive.
In pursuit of that, he has been spending more time with the worker bees who once worshipped him, hoping they will join him in his quest to get back in the hive.
But the word around the hive is that some of those worker bees are so tired just getting the short end of the stick that they plan to humour this big bee as long as it is to their advantage, then fly away from him when he needs them most.
Lucky cat lives on
A CAT, it’s said, has nine lives. But one particular cat with a meow that could melt the heart of the meanest dog seems to be blessed with many more.
Cou Cou understands that this cat,  being heralded by many for talent and a hunger to please, cannot keep her paws out of others’ food.
At her last home she received a monthly allowance of a mob-o-ton of mice and a cart to pull them in. Yet she still put her paw in the homeowner’s mice stash.
That she got her paw out without major injury just goes to show how many lives she has. At least where she is now she has no access to a mice stash, or this homeowner too would realize there is more to this cat than a pleasant meow.
Big-up friends no help
A WOMAN recently found out that just because you’re tight with a big-up doesn’t mean you can push people around and get away with it.
This woman was known to bad talk and talk down to people and made life so unbearable for a boss lady at a certain place that she had to run away.
But this woman met her match when she tried to topple another boss lady. She incriminated herself in the act so badly that she got the boot instead.
Now people at a certain place are rejoicing to see the back of this individual.
Joy turns to anxiety
A GIANT OF A MAN recently received news that was worth a million smiles. He was beside himself with joy and would have jumped and clicked his heels if he could.
But his smiles soon faded as he made his way home and saw a beautiful building that is fully occupied. His thoughts went to the person who built that edifice and the fact that that man has not received a cent for his labour.
Now this man’s smiles have turned to frowns as he is worried that he may not get his just deserts too.