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Not me! Wrong bathroom

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Not me! Wrong bathroom

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WE TOLD YOU last week about the perverted male supervisor who  sexually harassed male employees, especially when they were in the bathroom.
Well, we understand he has pleaded innocent to all charges.
He apparently is walking around telling staff that the person mentioned in the article could not be him because he uses the females’ bathroom.
This situation has angered many of the female staff who do not want him using their bathroom, even though they know he won’t try anything on them.
But the men on the other hand are all breathing a sigh of relief because they have finally gotten rid of this workplace bully.
Now they are hoping that the maintenance crew will finally repair all of the toilet seats he broke down while standing on them to peep over the walls at the men.
Thief outed online
FACEBOOK AND BLACKBERRY Messenger were busy this week with photos of a young woman who reportedly stole a dress from a popular boutique on Roebuck Street.
Apparently, the well known boutique owner received a telephone call from the girl’s best friend, alerting her about the new owner of the dress, which was only one of two in the store.
However, the young woman called back the owner, saying that her friend was a liar.
But lo and behold, the boutique owner went to a cruise that very weekend and saw the young woman “doing bad” on the dance floor. She was wearing the pink, knitted, see-through dress that was stolen from the store.
The boutique owner apparently took several pictures of her at the cruise and plastered them on Facebook and BlackBerry.
She wrote a note on her Facebook page as a lesson to young women stealing clothes: “If yuh gwine thief the clothes, at least make sure yuh look good in them.”
Beware of village ram
THERE IS A MAN in uniform who thinks of himself as a natural healer. He is going around preying on girls and women to get things, especially money and sex.
He is currently talking to this girl from the country whose mother does not like him, or the fact that he sleeps there and cooks there. And he is still checking out at least two out of the four of his children’s mothers, as well as a young woman who works in Town.
This village ram also recently got a married woman pregnant. It is rumoured that he and his friends bring different women to their pad almost every night.
This muscular man let it be known that he does not like to use protection and some women have already accused him of giving them a sexually transmitted disease.
Girls need to be careful of this man who uses sad stories to get what he wants and who is nothing but a big user.
Acting boss out of loop
IT SEEMS that a certain person who has been acting in a big position at an organization which knows a lot about sports doesn’t understand how to play the ball.
Recently, the individual had an opportunity to settle a grievance between two employees but, shockingly, confessed that they were not equipped to handle the matter before giving each worker a verbal warning.
It’s said that at the same meeting an offensive word was used, but again the acting boss was clueless.
Now upset staff are planning to let the police deal with this situation.
Many employees left the meeting wondering why this person was being allowed to climb the corporate ladder when it is clear they do not possess the required skills or intellect to lead an agency.