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Kellman: BLP not ahead

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Kellman: BLP not ahead

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GOVERNMENT PARLIAMENTARIAN DENIS KELLMAN has disagreed with some of the findings of the latest CADRES poll published in yesterday’s SUNDAY SUN,?which shows the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) being favoured by Barbadians to win the next election.
He said that despite the BLP’s staging of many political mass meetings, the extensive coverage given the party in the news media and the constant presentation of its messages in various forums, it still did not enjoy an even greater lead over the incumbent Democratic Labour Party (DLP).
However, pollster and head of CADRES Peter Wickham, in response, noted that the five per cent national support difference between the two parties as listed by the poll could mean the DLP losing as many as ten seats.
Kellman, the MP for St Lucy, was of a different view: “I beg to differ because I’m telling you that at this time it is easier to get a Barbados Labour Party supporter to tell you they’re going to support the Barbados Labour Party than to hear someone who’s going to support the DLP coming and telling you that,” Kellman said. (ES)