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Praying mums tell all

Shaka Mayers

Praying mums tell all

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Prayer works and mothers can attest to it.
In fact, many of them came together last Saturday at Living Water Community Centre to worship, pray and share testimonies on the power of prayer and how it had helped their children when Moms In Prayer held its annual rally.
Meredith Haynes spoke of how prayer helped her dyslexic son achieve high marks in the Common Entrance Exam after he had previously recorded low scores in tests and mock exams.  
Mum Nisrine Kazan, a native of Lebanon, said that through prayer she came to accept that one day her child would grow up, leave home and have a family and home of her own.
Mothers weren’t the only ones who testified that afternoon as little Elise Wilson and Shelton Perkins, principal of The St Michael School, shared their experiences.
Wilson spoke of how thankful she was for the prayers of her mother Lorna Wilson, who gave her the confidence to take the Common Entrance Exam and attain the marks to gain a place at The St Michael School, her first choice.
Perkins, a father in his own right, spoke of how prayer helped to keep his students more grounded and focused.
“Our motto says, ‘Nothing without help from God’ and I don’t know who came up with the motto but we make sure that we exemplify and operationalize that motto in what we do,” he said.
“We have our challenges just like everyone else but we are grateful because we know who to turn to and that is what’s critical and important.”