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Sir Roy: Job No.1 is jobs

Gercine Carter

Sir Roy: Job No.1 is jobs

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The Barbados Workers’ Union (BWU) has adopted a more conciliatory position in its bargaining process, in an attempt to keep jobs.
And general secretary Sir Roy Trotman maintains the union’s “overarching aim” is to protect jobs in these difficult times.
Addressing a Press conference at the union’s headquarters Solidarity House yesterday, Sir Roy said the BWU had sometimes been entering into “concessionary bargaining”, “which we are quite willing and prepared to do in the event that that is the alternative to having persons retain their jobs” as the union sought to maintain “a minimum social protection floor” for employees.
He added that approach fitted into a union objective to co-operate with employers and Government in an initiative “to reduce any lay-offs that might be on the horizon”.