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D2: Music can open many doors

Natanga Smith

D2: Music can open many doors

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Crop Over 2012 was a good year for David Davis and he’s promising bigger and better next year, more specifically an improvement in his songwriting and a more melodic approach since he is in a “ragga soca zone”.
If anyone had told Davis eight years ago that he would be in heavy rotation on radio and performing today, he would never have believed them.
The creative director of Renaissance Designs Inc., which specializes in decorative services for events, said he woke up from a dream with a song in his head one day and his wife challenged him “to get it on the radio”.
That led to him meeting with Anderson Blood Armstrong and he has been involved in the music industry since then.
Music, though, has always been knocking at his door. His wife was once a finalist in the Richard Stoute Teen Talent Competition and a back-up vocalist for The Kaiso Palace, Battleground and Bacchanal Time calypso tents.
In addition, his daughter Summa Davis, who has recorded with Blood, performed this Crop Over in the Headliners calypso tent where her dad also sang.
Davis goes by the stage name D2 and his Barefoot Wine was a hit in Headliners this year.
“I love soca, soca and more soca,” said the past student of Christ Church Boys’ and The Lodge School.
“Music was a natural progression as it is also a creative zone, but I never [thought] eight years ago that I would be singing today.”
Music, though, like everything else, has its challenges.
“The biggest challenge in doing music is definitely getting it played; fortunately, for me, my songs do get some rotation and for that I am very pleased.”
In order to better juggle work and his music, D2 had a studio built at home.
“I am in my studio every single day trying to improve my songwriting skills. I am totally consumed by music.”
Another positive is the doors that have been opened for him through singing.
“There have been [business] meetings I’ve attended with first-time clients that start with ‘Are you the guy that sings that song?’ . . . ”
D2, who is keeping his fingers on the pulse of the music industry, said he “came into singing without any expectations” and that when the tide changed, he would “change with it”.
Apart from singing, D2 also sees himself as an aspiring author and “five years from now I see myself being the author of my first book entitled I Did It!”