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PM: My way!

Maria Bradshaw

PM: My way!

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Prime Minister?Freundel Stuart does not intend to change his leadership style or his personality, despite the results of the CADRES public opinion poll which showed a strong dissatisfaction with his way of doing things.
He told the media during a Press conference yesterday in The Pine, St Michael, that he was not worried about the criticisms.
“If the personality that I have and the practices that I have pursued have brought me from a little chattel house from Marchfield in St Philip to Ilaro Court, why should I want to change that now?” he asked.
“I hear the same things being said about President Obama after his last debate . . . . The Democratic Labour Party has never had a leader that has met with the approval and satisfaction of our adversaries.”
Stuart added: “I have heard Errol Barrow criticized as not being a leader. I have heard Erskine Sandiford criticized . . . . I have heard David Thompson more harshly criticized than anybody else – he had all of these credibility problems; he was not the man for the job; we would never win with him . . . . It is par for the course.
“I am only the victim for the time being. I am not worried about that. The test is going to come when I dissolve Parliament and we go out there and we are going to see who is who,” said a tough-talking Stuart.