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Need a computer for my daughter

shadiasimpson, [email protected]

Need a computer for my daughter

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Dear Christine,
May God continue to bless you, your family and workers who have helped many families and children in their times of need. You cannot be thanked enough.
Christine, I am seeking help for my daughter and hoping you can help by God’s will and grace.
She has a computer but it is not working and I cannot afford to give her one.
I am taking care of an 89-year-old woman whom I hardly know. She lives alone, has no family and no one cares for her so I volunteered to help. Her pension is very little and she can only pay me $200 a month to sleep in, cook her meals and clean the house.
My daughter has been embarrassed many times because she is forced to use her friend’s computer into the late hours of the night.
It is not everything I can help her with due to my education level, but I try. It is very hard on her when most of her homework must be done using the Internet, which I am also asking help with, if possible.
My main concern is to get the computer for her. I can always battle with the rest if no help is forthcoming.
I thank you so much, Christine, in every way. I have nowhere else to turn.
– DB
Dear DB,
I have printed your letter with the hope that someone will give you that much needed computer and even offer to provide initial Internet service.
It is hard on most parents these days when they have to factor in the cost of Internet access into their already tight budget – for the sake of their children, who often need the Internet to complete their homework.
Access to an Internet café or a library that has Internet services would be the next best thing, or, as in the case of your daughter, neighbours should open their hearts and share their Internet services with those who cannot afford a service of their own.
I will be following up your case.
Used school books available
Dear Readers,
I have received a donation of used school books which may be of use to someone.
If you are interested, please call 430-5400 and leave your name and telephone number with the receptionist.
Here is the list of books:
Caribbean School Atlas; Faith Journey For Children (Standard 4); Mental Arithmetic, Book 2; Mental Arithmetic, Book 3; Nelson Handwriting Developing Skills, Book 3; New Common Entrance Mathematics (Second Edition);
A Narrow Escape And Other Stories – First Aid In English For The Caribbean; Mathematics Check-Up – Practical Exercises For Common Entrance; My Religion Workbook; Exploring Mathematics – Upper Primary Level (Standards 4 & 5);
Mathematics For S.E.A. Revised Edition (Standards 4 & 5);
Understanding English Grammar;
Nelson’s New West Indian Reader (1);
Our Caribbean Community – Caribbean Primary Social Studies (New Edition).