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PM: End Cuba embargo

Geralyn Edward

PM: End Cuba embargo

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Prime Minister Freundel Stuart has called on the United States to end its longstanding economic embargo on Cuba.
Stuart told the House of Assembly tioday that the 50-year-old blockade of Cuba had outlived its usefulness and should go.
The political leader said this was the position he outlined at his last address to the United Nations and at the recent Mexico Caribbean summit and also represented the belief of right-thinking nations around the world.
Stuart’s comments came as he contributed to debate on a resolution led by St Michael South East Member of Parliament Hamilton Lashley, commemorating the 40th anniversary of Barbados’ establishment of diplomatic relations with Cuba as well as the 36th anniversary of the bombing of Cubana flight 455 off the West Coast of Barbados.
According to Stuart, the people of Cuba had suffered enough under the hardships created by the United States-led embargo.
He said that the Cubans were guilty of no offence other than that they dared to think differently.
However, Stuart said it was testimony to the strength and resilience of the Cuban people that even under the disabling embargo, they had become extremely resourceful, win Olympic medals and “hold their own” in the world.
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