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DE MARKET VENDOR: Me, Boo and Yasser the dog

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

DE MARKET VENDOR: Me, Boo and Yasser the dog

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Last week, I write ‘bout friends, yuh tink yuh got a lot but in fact yuh lucky to have three.
The thing about people you call friends is that in time of trouble it does be scatteration: need bail, phone not answering, need an alibi for de madam, friends missing, car brek down and need a ride from Ragged Point Lighthouse to de Animal Flower Cave, (yes, I know it far) friend busy!
My brother Boo Hinkson in St Lucia read my article and email “but you didn’t tell them ‘bout you and my dog Yasser!” Boo and I always had dogs, nuh li’l cutie sit in yuh lap puppy cute dogs, no, we does deal in massive dawgs!
Over many trips at Boo’s house, me and the dogs had a sort of understanding. De man had dogs wid bizarre names: Yasser and Idi. I got a big bull mastiff.?He getting down now, just like de owner. In he prime, he weigh over 150 pounds. I name he after Boo dog by de said name “Yasser”.  
I had a great Rottweiler named Lewinsky.
She produced many litters, unlike she namesake of Washington fame. Another Rottie named after National Hero Bussa – woe betide de fool that dare cross my fence – trained to respond to sign language, a fiercely protective animal! Sadly, he died some years ago and dat broke my family’s heart.
Lewinsky produced some amazing dogs, many in homes cross Bubbadus, some pure bred, others the offspring of my mastiff Yasser, who took matters into his own hand and determined that he was the man in the house!
Harry Roberts and Seon DeFreitas got two each and I would not be venturing by their homes unaccompanied.
One of the pure bred offspring was a male called Gadafi. Dat dog was a terrorist, like you know who.?De family was frighten fuh he. I end up giving him to some Vincey folks. Suffice to say when de Vincies arrive to see de dog, he didn’t let them within ten feet, yet dem decide dem still wanted he. I ship he over to Vincieland.
I assume dem still living ’cause dat was de last I hear from them! Today, I got a beast who just sired 13 puppies, a Neopolitan mastiff “Chavez” – like he namesake, bad to de bone, all 160 pounds!
But de story of Boo Hinkson dog Yasser and de Vendor nearly cost my life! One night, Boo and the TruTones playing at The Vale. Boo wanted an amplifier from home. I volunteered to collect it. After all, me and de dogs is family now.
When I arrive in de garage, dem forget we is friends, snarling and growling like I is tief. I can’t exit de car. An hour later, something distract them and dem gone running. I ease out de car. There was a space ‘bout three feet between garage and house.?As I juck de key in de door, I hear a low vicious growl and who standing in de corridor between house and garage? De ridgeback Yasser. I freeze.
I felt what I assume was perspiration running down my pants legs. Slowly turning de key, I pull open de door and barely slam it in time. Getting in is one thing, getting amplifier to the fete another! I wait another hour till I could see de dogs down by de gate barking at somebody. Me and de equipment in de car in a flash. Hear Boo when I get back: “Garcon, I swear Yasser eat you.”
Thanks fuh de concern muh brudder!
I, Market Vendor, gone fuh now. You have a blessed and a wonderful day, yuh hear?